About Us

We supply best quality fertilizers and pesticides at government-fixed prices by procuring the same directly from the manufacturers. We are a pioneering company in India in the production Superfoods Chia and Quinoa. We provide quality premium Chia and Quinoa Seeds, certified by CFTRI Mysore with the dissemination of agrotechnologies defined by CFTRI to farmers. Raitha Mitra also buys back the produced Superfoods Chia and Quinoa from farmers. Raitha Mitra engages in B2B association with industries to market the produced Superfoods thus helping farmers market their produce. We are soon going to launch our retail brand bringing Superfoods to the Indian consumer at affordable prices. We engaging in regular education programs for farmers by having regular seminars, workshops and practical classes in association with the departments of Agriculture, Horticulture, and CFTRI. We education farmers on best agricultural practices to use farm ingredients with diligence and proper handling. We also take our farmers on regular study-tours within India and overseas to upgrade their knowledge base and skills. Raitha Mitra also engages with scientists and professionals to implement advanced technologies. We purchase vegetables and fruits directly from the farmers giving the market price of the day without the role of a middleman or a commissioning agent, thus helping the farmer earn better. We also help farmers procure farm gate needs like tarpaulins, weighing scales etc at competitive prices.


Raitha Mitra is committed to being of service to farmers, who are the backbone of our country. Our services enumerated above are designed to help farmers in the long run.


To encourage the formation of more Farmer Interested Groups and to reach our services to more numbers of farmers. Raitha Mitra is committed to developing scientifically designed, efficient systems and processes for pre-harvest and post-harvest technologies for fruits, vegetables and Superfoods with professional marketing operations.


Continuously strive to benefit the farmers by sharing information and advice from the departments of Agriculture and Horticulture. We also have our own agricultural science consultants who provide information, training, and advice to farmers on agrotechnology practices, pre-harvest, and post-harvest management.

Meet Our Team

Team Raitha Mitra comprises of 10 Directors on the board headed by a Chairman and a CEO who oversees day to day activities.
Kuruburu Shanthakumar
T V Gopinath
M.G. Sindagi
Mohan M Pandit
Baji Rai A Deshpande
K.S. Nagaraja Murthy
Smt. Rekha

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Address: #525, 'B' Block, A. P. M. C YARD, Bandipalya, Mysuru -570 025 Office: +91 821-2971640 / +91 876-240-6640 Email: raithamitra2014@gmail.com